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Clean Design on the Web

The ultimate goal of web design is communication.

Every website, every post, every picture all with the goal of getting across some piece of information. Whether it’s to sell or to teach, to enquire or promote the task remains the same. Draw in the viewer and clearly communicate.

I see a lot of websites in my role as a web designer that have been added to, tweaked, “improved” and adapted over the years, that now with fresh eyes it is nearly impossible to navigate the information clearly and gain an understanding of what they are trying to say. This can be so damaging for a company that needs instant understanding of their product and service as a viewer spends on average only 15 seconds on a website…15 seconds!

If a visitor hits your site and can’t make heads or tails of whether you offer what they need in 15 seconds they’re gone. That’s why your landing page is so important. If your homepage doesn’t scream “THIS IS WHAT WE DO” as soon as you look at it, you’re in trouble.

The goal of good web design is to produce a clear, clean site that is easy to read and navigate. The headline should be immediate and leave viewers saying “oh great, they can provide what I need”.

I encourage you to go and look at your own site, try and think from an impartial stance. Maybe make a list of key things you would look for when hiring a _”insert your service here”_ and see how easy that list is to find on your site. Is your usp and company ethos evident from the outset?

If not, get in touch.  Have a look at the services we offer

The daily egg offer a great article covering the “15 second rule” as they dub it and what makes users leave a site. Check it out here!

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